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Recording & Mixing

The Surrealists - Post-hardcore/Math/Noise (Recorded, Mixed)

The Excellent Adventures - Wonky-rock/art-pop (Recorded, Mixed)

We Give In. - Melodic Punk (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)

Me Next & The Gimme Gimmes - Punk Rock (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)

Timmas - Alternative Rock (Recorded, Mixed)

James Neilson - Singer/Songwriter (Produced, Recorded, Mixed)

One day you're the Dog - Alternative Rock (Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered)

Charlotte Carpenter - Singer/Songwriter (Live Session - Recorded, Mixed)

Arcades - Indie/Alternative (Live Session - Recorded, Mixed)

Recording & Mixing


MetalBiscuit - Metal Core

One day you're the Dog - Alternative Rock

James Neilson - Singer-songwriter

Charlotte Carpenter - Acoustic

Audio Restortation
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