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Mixing & Mastering 

Have a vision for your music in your head but can't quite make it happen?

Can't quite get that finishing touch on a recording? 

Get the professional sound you have always wanted at an affordable cost.


Mixed & Mastered by separate engineers.

Guaranteeing the best outcome.

No Obligations. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Get in touch now for a free 30 second test mix!

Free 30 Second Test Mix.
No Obligations.

Thanks for getting in contact!

Satisfaction Guaranteed 

It's important to find the right mixing and mastering engineer for the project. That's why Tom offers a free, 30 second mix of one of your tracks. So you can decide for yourself. 

If you are not 100% satisfied with how the test mix sounds then you are under no obligations to continue to work with Tom.


Tom prides himself in his work and has never had a disappointed client. 

Tom Snell at SSL AWS 924 Mixing Desk

Industry Renowned Processing

Universal Audio
Slate Digital
Sound toys

Crystal Clear Monitoring

A pair of Focal Twin 6Be paired with custom made acoustic treatment that takes on the LEDE philosophy mean that mixes translate beautifully to any system. 


And just for good measure a pair of Yamaha HS80Ms make great secondaries. 

In addition to this, Universal Audio's brand new Apollo X8P rocks elite class conversion meaning not only the audio reaching the monitors is crystal clear but that audio going through the outboard gear is clean. At least until it hits the analogue gear!

Focal Twin 6Be

Mix Preparation Tips

Ready to work together! Let's get your session prepped!


Here are some tips:


✅ Clean: No processing applied the audio tracks and exported with faders set to unity (0dB).

✅ Clear Naming: All tracks should be clearly named.

✅ Top and Tail: Prior to export, all audio regions should be topped and tailed (fades at the beginning and end of each audio region).

✅ Format: 24 bit depth and at original sample rate (ex: 48kHz) and formatted as a .wav or .aiff file

✅ Reference: If you have a rough mix you've completed yourself (no matter the quality) please include this too as it will help with the artistic direction. Alternatively include references to professional releases you feel influence your music.

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